Department Cyber Security Degree

Bachelor's degree in Game Development Engineering

In this bachelor’s programme, you learn to develop video games and other digital products for entertainment as well as learning. You learn to create products for websites, standalone as well as mobile devices. Your creations may be used for teaching, entertainment, advertising and other experiences.


Degree Requirements

The self-developed major in Digital Game Studies leads to a BA in Game Development Engineering. This major requires completion of a minimum of 240 ECTS credit. Must complete internship programs in 4th and 6th semesters.

Admission requirements

Higher education entrance qualification

Documented proficiency in English language

Applicants will be asked to submit an example of relevant artistic work and a motivational letter.

Information about submition of portfolio/showreel and motivational letter will be sent out to the applicants after the deadline for application.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, the Candidate will have:


  • thorough knowledge of the field of game design
  • advanced knowledge of programming languages relevant for game development
  • advanced knowledge of developing and implementing simple animations to be used within digital games
  • advanced knowledge of 3D modeling, rigging and rendering
  • advanced knowledge of themes in innovation and entrepreneurship, relevant to the field of game development
  • advanced knowledge of sound production and the importance of the sound experience in digital games
  • advanced knowledge of the history, ethics, moral, laws and regulations relevant to the field of game development


  • advanced knowledge of project planning, project management and documentation
  • advanced skills in process management for development projects, looking to develop digital products
  • advanced skills in programming and programming languages that are relevant for game development
  • advanced skills in developing and implementing simple animations to be used in digital games
  • advanced skills in 3D modeling, rigging and rendering
  • advanced skills in sound production for creative digital products
  • basic art skills required for communicating and sketching creative ideas and concepts

General competence

  • thorough knowledge in the field of ethics, culture and society
  • thorough knowledge of gaming addiction and how to handle this, seen from a game developer’s perspective
  • thorough knowledge of collaborative learning and the importance of good communication and routines to keep a flow in game development projects


Job opportunities

The programme qualifies for jobs in developing games and digital products within fields like video games design and production, entertainment, publishing and advertising.

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